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Paper Rabbit is a 6.8 feet paper mache statue with iron structure built with all the french fortune 500 funding rejections : I recycled NO's to finance my startup says Mr Sébastien LANDRIEU, APTEDIA single founder who have worked 4 years on 10 web projects mainly pure players and one AI that aims at creating an artificial psyche.

As a single founder and to be able to hire devlelopers, Sébastien LANDRIEU asked all the french fortune 500 a 3 million euros pre-seed ticket, what simply resulted in 500x refusals even if no one had details about group's projects but fields and financial potential. Sébastien mainly received non-answers, negative answers, encouragement and even admiration letters in regard of his atypical personnal history but no one accepted to go for an interview or to finance the project.

Dropped out from shcool at age 14 without a single diploma, Sébastien took conscience about his potential at 30 and then started to work for something like 10 years 15/7/365 in quasi total isolation to get into the level he missed and that permitted him to develop the Aptedia project while being a home office caring about his 3 baby kids the past 4 years.

Sébastien LANDRIEU says he respects all of the answers and non answers he received but that he simply had to do something with such an amount of rejections...Here started the Paper Rabbit adventure...With the help of 8 French artisans during almost 2 years.

The Paper Rabbit entrepreneurial symbolisms are : tenacity, optimism, resilience, dream, passion, ambition, creativity, audacity, risk, faith, craziness, unconsciousness and magic which are one and every entrepreneur core values. Paper Rabbit also symbolizes the failure (even if it doesn't exist as all is about learning) that is a path to success. Sébastien LANDRIEU chose the magician rabbit as subject because it symbolizes what we grownups spend our time running after without getting to the point it never leaved us: magic.

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