Well, many people asked me legit questions about the Aptedia project and Paper Rabbit, here are the most recurring ones:

I’d say it’s not really by choice. Dropped out at age 14 with no diploma, I, in 2007, had the chance to join an early-stage startup that is now world leader of its market. I worked real hard during 3 years for this company and learned many things like english with original movies, american tchats and Google translator, project management, web technologies and so on…I was 30.

I started to work for 12 hours a day/7/365 and never stopped since that time, what permitted me to get enough brain juince to do what I’m doing today. When you stay that much time working, you simply don’t have any to make friends and/or find associates, it’s that simple.

The other problem of being a total no life self made man is that you always see yourself like a stupid dude even if you’re aware you’re evolving fast…It’s like a fat guy who loses weight and always sees him fat in the mirror…And…There comes a time where you’re tired about watching trains pass like a cow in a field and start executing. I worked on the 10 Aptedia projects alone the past 4 years while caring about my 3 baby kids home.

Here comes the point: no one, in a first approach, had details about my projects but fields and financial potentials only. I just said Aptedia’s 5 first web projects on 10 could reach 1.5B€ or something at 3 years, asked for an interview to deepen my approach and said I was looking for a 3M€ pre-seed funding while being a single founder. It’s totally insane to talk about financial projections, what I personally wouldn’t do as I’m no clearvoyant but that’s what is asked here in France by most business creation associations who took me for a “cuckoo in the head” dude announcing such a big ambition.

If one can say what reality is? I’ve been told by a journalist “you’re in reality denial and you’re not far from suicide and for such reason, I’m going to remove you from my Facebook friends as I don’t want ot assist to it” can you believe that? hahaha. Sure I’m fighting for my projects to be launched but it doesn’t mean I’ll suicide or that I’m in reality denial…The force of an entrepreneur is to create new realities.

I started to say myself I should create my own scalable, profitable, repeatable projects when I had my first son Adam. At this time, I was a home office webmaster and used to work on many projects to change my mind as sticking h24/7 at home simply turns mad. Some are going in week-ends, hollidays, go chill with friends and stuff while I’m working having no social life at all…I mean really at all…I wake up in the morning wearing nothing else but a slip and start working for 12 to 15 hours a day/7/365. Producing value is my life and now it’s time to launch. I’m what we can call a genuine no life.

Oh, that’s what I do but for many projects :-). Joke apart, it’s sure that I won’t launch all of the group’s 10 projects at once. Actually there’s 2 important ones : an artificial psyche and a mobile productivity application which been developped as Paper Rabbit plan B because I for sure won’t make all of my group project depend on it only.

Well, yeah, it’s been a nightmare to care about the whole project all financed on family budget…We had to make real big sacrifices up to see a bailiff on front door to kick us all from home…That’s really not funny…At all…But I believe in what I do…

It’s been hard but I know now that 65% (if not more) of startups failures are caused by associates conflicts…So I can say that I avoided myself such a pain…What I’m planning to do is quiet simple: as soon as I’ll get funded, I’ll hire 5 project directors and each of them will have to push a group’s MVP (minimal viable product) on the market up to become CEO of it when traction will be OK. I’m not that interested in a CEO role, I prefer to focus on product and marketing instead. Last but not least, when troubles happen, it’s kind of easier to deal with employees but associates…

3M€ is what I asked to the French fortune 500 and what seems needed to launch my 5 first MVPs. Paper Rabbit entrepreneurial symbolism is kind of universal with tenacity, optimism, resilience, dream, passion, ambition, audacity, creativity, risk, faith, craziness, unconsciousness and magic which are, to me, one and every entrepreneur core values.

Paper Rabbit also symbolizes “failure” (even if it doesn’t exist as all is about leaning) without what we, entrepreneurs, couldn’t learn from our mistakes and get stronger. I chose the magician rabbit as subject as it symbolizes what we grownups spend our time running after without getting to the point it never leaved us : magic.

Paper Rabbit is wished to become a universal entrepreneurial NEVERGIVEUPISM symbol, it’s the essence of all the biggest entrepreneurs interviews and conferences I listenned at while working on Aptedia and it’s the reason why I’m inviting them to the auction.

Currently, group’s 1st one is unveiled on www.neuralize.me/artificial-intelligence-ICO Regarding the other projects : as I decided to launch the Paper Rabbit auciton sale, I’m “at risk” of being exposed if one buys it and I simply refuse to disclose Aptedia’s projects as today many companies favorite game is to copy or steal. I’ll talk about the projects one by one as they’ll be launched. That being said, Aptedia will operate in:


  • Artificial intelligence (actually disclosed)
  • E-commerce
  • E-learning
  • Market analysis for web startups
  • IT investment
  • Professional productivity
  • Literary edition
  • Offshore outsourced digital production