I recycled NO's to finance my start-up
Auction end date : 10/31/2019
Bids placed: none
Auction start price : 3 000 000€
Best bidder : none
Paper Rabbit is a 6.8 feet paper mache sculpture made with all the french fortune 500 mail acknowledgement of delivery documents : I recycled NO's to finance my startup! Aware that no one would have financed a single founder popped out from nowhere, I decided to ask a 3M€ pre-seed ticket to all the French fortune 500 but this resulted in a 500x refusals. I for the major part received non-answers, negative answers, encouragements and even admiration letters in regard of my personal story but unfortunately, no one accepted to give me an audience or to finance me.

I then was the owner of 500 delivery documents I decided to use to create the Paper Rabbit with the help of 8 French artisans and two material sponsors Powertex and Giotto. Paper Rabbit is made of iron, stainless steel, paper, mineral water based resin, acrylic paint, glass, gold leaf and, of course, fortune 500 receipts.

Paper Rabbit entrepreneurial symolism is tenacity, optimism, resilience, dream, passion, ambition, audacity, creativity, craziness, unconsciousness and magic which are one and every entrepreneur core values.. I chose the magician rabbit as it symbolizes what we grownups spend our time running after without getting to the point it never left us : magic.

This auction will permit me to launch group's 5 first web projects on 10 I worked on the past 4 years while raising my baby kids home, the biggest one is a Crowd Sourced Emotional Processor that intends to make AI human like feelings and emotions able.